Carlotta Collette — standing up for our community!

Carlotta with State Representative Carolyn Tomei

Carlotta with State Representative Carolyn Tomei

  • Making the most of our cities and towns
  • Protecting our farms, forests and rural communities
  • Taking care of our roads, bridges and transit system to make if faster, safer and easier to get around
  • Working to create good jobs now and in the future

“Carlotta’s intelligence, hard work, openness, trustworthiness and dedication mark her as a true leader” — State Representative Carolyn Tomei


    • I love my district. I love living here and working hard to make it even better. That means...

    • Making it easier for people to get around, and safe enough for kids to walk or bike to school...

    • Having great places to go in our neighborhoods, in our downtowns, and across the region...

    • Creating and preserving family-wage jobs, and new opportunities for folks just starting out...

    • Protecting the farms and forests, parks and open spaces that make our region so special.