Carlotta is Endorsed By

“I do genuinely respect your passion, your ability to listen with open mind, to operate creatively within the law… whether it is going to be for what I am hoping for or not, I’m grateful you are there.” — Molly Ellis, Stafford Hamlet resident

In seeking endorsements, I looked to people I work with, people I work for, and people and groups I admire and whose respect I am honored to have. I wanted the endorsements of the mayors of the cities in my district, because in many ways they fulfill all the above. They’ve come through for me. City Councilors, too. I wanted the endorsement of former Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts and Representative Carolyn Tomei because they embody everything great about Oregon. They are strong, smart, feisty and totally dedicated to our state and its people. I wanted the endorsement of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters because they protect the values of Oregonians — our environment, our communities, our health. I have always been a big union supporter so I’m very proud to have AFSCME and the NW Labor Council endorsements. And Metro works closely with the Homebuilders, not always on the same side, frankly. To have their endorsement as someone they know they can work with is great. There’s a long list below. Friends, neighbors, people I work with, play with and cherish. A huge thank you to all of you.


Governor Barbara Roberts

Representative Carolyn Tomei

Representative Brent Barton

NW Labor Council AFLCIO

AFSCME Locals 3580, 3580-1 & 75

Oregonians for Affordable Housing  (Homebuilders Association)

Oregon League of Conservation Voters (OLCV)

Gladstone Mayor Wade Byers

Gladstone City Councilor Hal Busch

Gladstone Planning Commissioner Tammy Stempel

Happy Valley Mayor Lori DeRemer

Former Lake Oswego Mayor Judie Hammerstad

Lake Oswego City Councilor Jeff Gudman

Lake Oswego City Councilor Donna Jordan

Milwaukie Mayor Jeremy Ferguson

Milwaukie City Councilor David Hedges

Milwaukie City Councilor Mark Gamba

Oregon City Mayor Doug Neeley

Oregon City Commissioner Carol Pauli

Former Oregon City Mayor Alice Norris

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales

Rivergrove Mayor Heather Kibbey

Vancouver City Councilor Jack Burkman

West Linn Mayor John Kovash

Wilsonville Mayor Tim Knapp

Nancy Hales, Portland First Lady

Greg Macpherson, LCDC Commissioner

Craig Prosser, TriMet Board

Meeky Blizzard

Cherry Britton

Nathan Burton

Fred Bruning

Alex Cousins

Greg Deane

Molly Ellis

Angelene Falconer

Clare Fuchs

Eleanore Hunter, Oak Grove Community Council

Walt Gamble

Steve Greenwood

Rob Kappa

Alan Locklear

Sherri Mayhew

Jane Peters

Michele Reeves

Roby Roberts

Billy Don Robinson

Laura Schockner

Susan Shawn

Stephanie Shopa

Maggie Skenderian

John Southgate

Anne Squire

Craig Stephens

Rosie Stephens

Martha Todd

Cameron Waner

Karen Williams

John Willis