Experience That Counts

metro portraits 001I know our community…

I’ve lived in Milwaukie for 20 years. I served as chair of the Ardenwald Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association. I was elected to and represented us on the Milwaukie City Council. And I helped create the workforce of tomorrow by serving on the Board of Education of Clackamas Community College.

I’ve owned my own consulting business. I’ve worked to make the Northwest’s electricity system more sustainable and reliable. I’ve been a writer, editor and photographer. But mostly, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people understand and influence complex and often technical plans and projects that affect their lives.

…and I’ve learned what it takes to stand up for us

For more than seven years, I’ve worked on the Metro Council to protect our rural communities, make the most of our cities and towns, and make it faster, safer and easier for all of us to get around.

314159_4332157061700_1868004565_nAs Metro councilor, I work with local leaders and neighborhoods to create parks and trails; make our roads, bridges and transit system safer, faster and easier; make the most of our downtowns and main streets; and support good jobs now and in the future.

For our roads, bridges, transit and trails…

After just about a year on the Metro Council, my colleagues asked me to chair the group of our region’s leaders who decide which road, transit and trail projects get built and where.

I’ve worked hard to ensure we focus on the most important barriers to reducing traffic, improving safety and keeping our air clean. I know what it takes to bring our region’s 25 cities, three counties and state and federal agencies together to ensure that we are doing everything we can to make it easier to spend more time with friends and family and less time in traffic. In 2010 I was named “Woman of the Year” in transportation.

West Linn’s White Oak Savannah, purchased in part through Metro’s Capital Grant Program.

West Linn’s White Oak Savannah, purchased in part through Metro’s Capital Grant Program.

For our clean air…

After the Oregon Legislature voted to require Metro to design a plan to reduce tailpipe pollution that contributes to climate change, the Metro Council asked me to lead our region’s response.

Because of our long tradition of making good decisions about how our region grows, we can meet the state target by implementing existing community plans and improving gas mileage in our cars and trucks.

More importantly, by working together we can continue our proud Oregon traditions of self-sufficiency and innovation and make it easier to walk, bike and use transit to get around while realizing our community’s vision for the future.

For our jobs and our economy…

208249_1815357558101_4780005_nIn 2012, business leaders from across our region asked me to serve as the Metro Council’s liaison to the ground breaking work on a project called the Community Investment Initiative.

The Community Investment Initiative is a public-private partnership that seeks to ensure a living-wage job is available for every member of our region’s labor force, and our region’s economy is stable, robust and resilient.

The initiative is developing a new and innovative approach to investing in our downtowns, transportation system, school facilities and development-ready land to support jobs. By doing so, we hope to ensure our region can compete on the global stage.

For our kids…

carlotta and lily #2I’m helping the Oregon Zoo lead the world in animal care and in education for action. Using voter-approved funds, I’ve served as the Metro Council liaison to the Zoo’s work to create new, engaging, meaningful experiences that connect kids to amazing animals.

We’re also using the latest science to give people the knowledge and tools they need to take action and make a difference for wildlife at home and abroad.  And, we are leaders in the field of animal conservation, working with partners across the nation to restore threatened and endangered species.

For all of us…

I have the community roots and the experience we need to help make the most of our downtowns; protect our farms, forests and rural communities; and to help create good jobs now and in the future.

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and I ask for your vote for Metro Council.